Caversham’s Bride Reviews!

As I finish my second Audiobook, I thought I would post some reviews of the first! I'm delighted that people are enjoying them so much! To purchase a copy go to
"Narration: I listened to the audiobook and it was just masterful! It was probably the best listening experience because it was like audio theater for the senses. I am so addicted to audiobooks for this reason. Dennis Kleinman and Victoria J. Mayers performed with excellence. This is probably the best audiobook I’ve listened to. It was such a treat to listen to!" "I cannot say enough good things about this narration. It was as if I were listening to a stage performance of the story. Definitely not just someone reading a book to me." "What really set this book apart from the others was the way that it was read. I really enjoyed listening the women parts were read by the women and the man read the mans part. Not like other books where the women reads whole chapters and the man reads whole chapters. It really brought something special to the book."
I'm feeling colorful today and hope you are all having a great Sunday! xo V

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