A VERY BUSY AUGUST…More bookings!

Guten Tag liebe Leute! So, this has been a very busy August! Along with all the casting news, writing and studying, my partner Marc and I have also been able to enjoy time outside of Los Angeles. We enjoyed some lovely time in Ottawa after I had spent a week in Minneapolis visiting with my family and brand new nephew...Good thing we had that time away because it certainly picked up even more these past few weeks. I booked the lead in another Industrial - this time playing the Whistleblowing - goody-two-shoes - visiting foreign colleague who is only trying to be helpful all the time. I must say that this was one of my favorite shoots thus far. The Crew was absolutely amazing and I was able to work with great actors such as Hart Boyt, Alissa Dean and Jim Horne. The same week I had an amazing audition for  "The God of Isaac" at the Pico Playhouse. Beautiful space and the Producer and Director were wonderful. I may be too young for the role...but for me it's no longer just about booking the job. It's about how I feel afterward and Marc can tell you - I was ecstatic after that one. 🙂 A good friend of mine Greg Bryan and I have also been working together on a scene from "The Savages" to help a friend who is finishing his time at Film School. It simply involved performing the scene in front of the class and then shooting it a few weeks later. Sounds simple and easy, right? Apparently we were the first ones to receive praise from the professor...hmmm I guess it's not that easy for everyone? Still happening this week...audition for a WebSeries and to play Viola in Twelfth Night at A Noise Within...good vibes please! and the KICKSTARTER IS UP!!!!

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