June and July NEWS

Bonjour Everyone! I decided to be very clear on what I wanted my summer to look like which meant working on Acting, Music and French.┬áBeing clear on what I wanted to do has really helped keep me on track. After completing my Pentagon Shoot I began pre-production work on "Seascape with Sharks and Dancer" which will be going up this coming autumn at the Sherry Theater in North Hollywood - more info on that coming soon. I had a great audition and meeting with Casting Director and Producer Paul Weber in early July reading the part of a slightly desperate yet confident actress who crashes an audition. I'm sure that never happens in LA... My second reading with Stordahl/Terry Casting went great! This time it was with Barbara Stordahl who is a fantastic person and I left feeling very energized and ready for the next time. In keeping with my Summer Plan I've also been busy writing music - creating pop songs for TV and Films as well as studying French at the Beverly Hills Language Institute. I've been loving the classes...perhaps I should write songs in french? More coming soon!!! Hope you're enjoying your summer! xo VJM  

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